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Why You Should Get a Laser Pointer Cat Toy

Cats can go crazy chasing the menacing beam of a laser pointer. Laser pointer cat toys can excite cats and keep them entertained easily throughout the day. This can be specifically relieving when you’re coming home from a tiring day at work. Your furry little friend will always demand your attention, but ensuring that they stay active with an aching back can be a difficult task. That is where a laser pointer cat toy can help your cause. Using a laser pointer cat toy to keep your cat entertained is simple. All you have to do is that you have to point the laser beam at a surface, and your cat will instantly start to chase it around.

Apart from being an entertaining recreational activity that you can enjoy, playing with your cat with a laser pointer cat toy can be serious business. Through the games we play with our kittens and their day-to-day interactions with other objects, cats can learn vital hunting and problem-solving skills. If you’re doing this with an adult cat, you can perhaps improve on their predatory prowess. When you continue playing with them with a laser pointer cat toy, they improve their coordination skills and learn bite inhibition. They also start to build a bond with you as their owner because of the time you spend with them playing. Use this time wisely to understand your cat’s behavior. Their likes, their dislikes, do rewards motivate them, and whether they enjoy the small games you play with them.

Rewarding your kitten between the small games you play with them is important, too. During different phases in the game, try to include different reward behaviors if your cat catches the laser beam at one point. This releases dopamine in your cat’s brain, which gives them a feeling of achievement. Ideally, the best way of playing your cat with a laser pointer cat toy is to use the toy to keep them active for the most part. However, when you think it’s time to end the game and let your cat rest, give them time to play with a stuffed toy, so their urge to “catch and kill” a prey is satisfied. This ensures that your pet doesn’t stay frustrated and enjoys the game you play with them. Try to use the laser pointer cat toy in a way that causes the least frustration!