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Why does my cat drop mice toys for cats in the water bowl?

You could own a cat that you have trained to play fetch, a game you both enjoy. Out of the blues, your cat ditches the game and begins acting funny. Instead of fetching his favorite mice toys for cats, he drops it in the water bowl. This kind of behavior can become worrisome because it is different from what you are used to. Some cat owners wonder if this is as a result of a mental condition.

But, this is a behavior that can be exhibited by indoor cats. There is no clear explanation for this, but here are a few explanations that seem logical. When a cat loves his mice toys for cats, he wants to keep it safe. This behavior is similar to that of cats in the wild who take their kill to their nest areas. They do this to hide it from predators.

Indoor cats consider their water and food bowl as their safe area and territory. The second explanation is that your cat may just be manifesting collecting or gathering behavior. They carry their mice toys for cats by the nape of the neck the way a queen carries stray kittens back to their nest.