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Using Training Bells For Dogs

People love their pets and will do just about anything with them. Some spend a great amount of time with their pets and even train them at home. We are in the middle of the winter time so most people are indoors more with their pets and they realize this is the best time of the year to train those pets. Since we are indoors more because of the cold and the snow, we have more opportunities and chances to spend time with the pets and making sure that they learn tricks and learn how to train with a bell. Bell training is a different and fun way to train your dog to ring a bell, or some other device to let you know that they want to go outside. Training bells for dogs are all of the rage right now and it is a simple and fun way for dogs to interact with you. Thank you for stopping by the blog and thank you for reading. In today’s blog we will be discussing some basics of bell training for dogs and some bells that you can purchase for them that will aid in training.

Dog bells come in many shapes and sizes and are available and most pet stores now. They come in different colors and designs and generally run from $5 to $10 and everywhere in between. Dog training with bells involves teaching your dog to ring a bell when they are ready to go outside. This involves showing your dog the bell and then showing them how to ring it. Then you would reward them with a treat if they ring the bell. It’s a straight forward process and is a great way to interact with your pet. Some people even train cats to do it but for different reasons. You can use these bells to teach them to ask for a treat or to go outside, or just to play.

What a fun and novel form of training it is. The bells you can use come in a variety of colors and designs. If you would like to save time on shopping and just be taken to a page where there are plenty of options for colors for these bells, please click on the link and you will be taken to a page where you can shop for what you are looking for. Thanks for stopping by and reading. We hope that you will come back by for more blogs soon.