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Cat Feeding & Watering Supplies

Treat Your Felines to Slow-Feeding Bowls for Cats

Owning a cat is an incredible experience. Cats are the perfect combination of intelligent, adorable, aloof and affectionate, making them the ideal pet for many people throughout the country. Many cats are self-sufficient throughout the day, meaning they need very little attention while you are working, but are also pleased to see you when you get home. Training a cat to use the litter box means you don’t need to take them out into the yard or out on a long walk, and many cats are more than willing to play by themselves if you don’t have the time or energy. In fact, it can be impossible coax a cat to play when they don’t feel like it. As perfect as your cat may be, though, you may find that keeping them healthy and happy has its challenges. For many people, dinner time can be a difficult time. Investing in slow feeding bowls for cats might be a great choice for you and your cat.

If your cat suffers from boredom that gets them into trouble, a puzzle bowl or slow-feeding bowl might be the solution you have been looking for. Veterinarians who research the topic know that cats need a certain amount of environmental stimulation to feel their best, to keep their wits sharp and to stay out of trouble. If you are tired of the cat scratching up the furniture, tormenting the other pets or stalking things they’re not supposed to, a more challenging lunch and dinner might provide them with the mental stimulation they need to take their mind off of stirring up mayhem. Turning dinner into a game that your cat can anticipate is a great way to make sure that they are getting the healthy mental stimulation that they need to be happy and playful in your home.

Not only are slow-feeding bowls great for your cat’s brain, they are also great for your cat’s body. Many cats and dogs are overly eager to eat all of their food as quickly as possible when they get it, meaning that eating too quickly can occasionally lead them to suffer indigestion or even vomit, something that’s not pleasant for their one of you. By providing a more complicated eating process, you can help ensure that your cat slows down to a more comfortable pace. That pace can also allow other cats and dogs to eat at their own pace without having to worry about competing for leftovers with each other. Is this something your cat needs?