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Teaser Toys: A Great Way to Bond with Your Cat

Cats are one of the most loved and adopted pets across the globe. These fur balls are smart, funny, playful, and have their own personality. This is good because if cats weren’t as playful as they are, they would just eat, sleep, gain weight, and become super unhealthy. Not a good legacy for a creature that was considered a deity in ancient Egypt. Their playfulness also allows you to spend more time with your pet doing what you both love. Cat toys are a great way to keep these quirky felines healthy and happy, while allowing you to positively interact with your beloved pet.

There are different types of toys that cats love to play with. Some invoke their hunter instinct, some allow them the thrill of chase, and some simply sate their playfulness. Teaser toys (or teaser wands) are just such items. A usual teaser cat toy comprises of a stick, at the end of which is attached something that will draw your cat’s attention. That something is usually a mouse made from fabric or plastic, a bird toy, or simply colorful feathers. All these items are attached to a string which is then attached to the stick. It allows you to move them around, giving your cats something to follow and pounce on. As instinctive hunters, a moving object gets their attention. Especially when that moving object looks like something they are genetically programmed to consider prey: A mouse, bird, fish etc.

Teaser cat toys, especially manual ones, don’t just keep you cat engaged. They allow you to be a part of that activity. Your cat chases around the toy you are moving, allowing you direct its movement. The stick also helps in keeping the cat at a distance, preventing you from being scratched. Many teaser sticks have longer strings connecting the toys. They can be reeled back closer or extended to increase the range where your cat can run around and hunt. Teaser toys can be used to help your cat stretch too. Electric teaser toys have plastic butterflies and birds rotating around in random motions. The color of the butterflies, and the erratic movements are usually enough to engage your cat. Teaser toys are a great treat for your cats. You can get some to keep your cats playful, energetic, and allow you to direct their play yourself.