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Pet Clothing

Reasons You Should Put a Winter Jacket on Your Dog

If you’ve visited a dog park recently, particularly during rainy weather, you may have observed that many canines are clothed better than their owners. Several fashion houses have branched out into the dog clothing market, including Max Bone – a small premium brand that offers designer-collaboration dog sweaters, as well as well-known brands like Timberland, Ralph Lauren, and Armani. Dog coats and jackets depend on the dog you have, along with the weather conditions you live in. As soon as the temperature goes below 30 degrees, Italian greyhounds, and other smaller dog breeds with just one coat of fur, need a jacket, whereas larger, more hairy dogs may only require an additional layer for lengthy walks in the rain or snow. Lastly, a good fit is also critical, according to veterinarian Tory Waxman. It is important that coats and jackets fit perfectly on your dog to allow for natural mobility and to avoid any chafing or rubbing. In order to keep your dog clean when playing in the snow and muck, purchase a jacket or coat that can be machine washed. Also, you should take your dog along when shopping for their attire. It is best if they try their jackets before you buy them since their body shapes and coat sizes may vary substantially.

There is a huge variety of dogs coat and jackets available in the market. Designed for cold weather, the Vert Garment is a three-in-one jacket that keeps your dog dry, warm, and comfortable. While working or playing in cold weather, the fleece-lined Vert jacket keeps your dogs warm and provides them extra protection and comfort. The leash portal on the Vert enables it to be worn over most harnesses, and the leg loops help hold it in place during a storm. For ultimate weather protection, you can also fold up its extra-large storm collar.

To keep dogs of all sizes comfortable no matter what the weather throws at them, the Alpine All-Weather Coat is also a good option. They have a polyester outer shell that is both durable and water-resistant. Extra fiberfill has been included in the construction of the layers to provide additional warmth and protection. Lastly, the inner of the jacket is insulated with a thick layer of fleece. All of these features can also be found on the harness and the leash. Compared to other high-end brands, Alpine’s dogs’ coats and jackets are also very reasonable.