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Dog Leashes

Dog Collars and Leashes for Proper Control and Safety

Going out with your dog not only gives joy to your pet but it also serves as a great way of bonding between you and your pet. This way not only you will be able to understand the nature of your dog but you will also be able to work out on different ways to train it and improve its strength. Long walks are also useful as an exercise for your dog. This way you actually channelize the energy of your pet naturally. It also helps you in strengthening your dog mentally and physically. However, walk in an open area could be dangerous if you failed to handle any mishap properly; it could lead to physical and mental disturbance as well. This usually happens when dog collars and leashes are either not used or used in an inappropriate way or improper sizes.

It is recommended that your puppy gets used to collar and leash as soon as possible. To begin with, use collar for a short period and then take it off. Once they become used to of it than start using a leash. Collar and leashes are some of the important tools to keep your pet under control and safe. They are helpful to keep your dog on track and prevent bolting while in public. In some of the places, it is a legal binding to leash your pet. When you buy a leash, make sure that it is comfortable and you buy the right size. Otherwise, it will be painful for your dog to wear and it will irritate both of you. Choose a decent and lightweight collar or leash so that your puppy can easily move around without feeling apprehended. The collar must also be wide and flat because thin collars instead of being light in weight cause strain around your puppy’s neck. Wider collars have a bigger area for clipping the leash. Collars with buckle options often create trouble while getting on and off quickly. The leash of your puppy should be thin and lightweight because it is least intimidating this way.

Dog collars and leashes are of multiple types like limited slip collars that are commonly known as martingale. It gets tighten when pulled but cannot choke your dog’s neck. Retractable leashes are also an option if your dog is constantly getting tangled in the leash or if it is wrapping them around your legs. A retractable leash is also an excellent option to handle your pet on time and appropriately. Collars and leashes serve a purpose beyond identification and decoration. Even some collars are GPS enabled to help you locate your pet in an open area. Whether you use GPS enabled, retractable or simple leash, just remember all are designed for the proper control and safety of your pet.