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  • Pet Clothing

    Waterproof Dog Coats for Winter – Warm Winter Pet Clothing

    As much as you love your furry best friend, you know that it can get a little grumpy when it comes to being outside during the winter months. There are many different ways to keep your pup warm when the weather gets chilly. Some people like to get their dogs sweaters or coats, but others prefer using dog blankets. However, if you want to go all out and get something that will keep your dog comfortable in various conditions, you should consider getting waterproof dog coats for winter. These coats keep your dog’s furry body warm and dry, and are a perfect way to ensure your dog can enjoy the…

  • Pet Clothing

    Reasons You Should Put a Winter Jacket on Your Dog

    If you’ve visited a dog park recently, particularly during rainy weather, you may have observed that many canines are clothed better than their owners. Several fashion houses have branched out into the dog clothing market, including Max Bone – a small premium brand that offers designer-collaboration dog sweaters, as well as well-known brands like Timberland, Ralph Lauren, and Armani. Dog coats and jackets depend on the dog you have, along with the weather conditions you live in. As soon as the temperature goes below 30 degrees, Italian greyhounds, and other smaller dog breeds with just one coat of fur, need a jacket, whereas larger, more hairy dogs may only require…

  • Pet Clothing

    Waterproof Dog Coats for Winter: Perfect Fit for Your Dog

    Pets are like family members who need love and care, just like the rest of the people living in a house. Like most of us, they also need change and variations. This change could be in daily routine, eateries, atmosphere or even surrounding; because change is constant in our lives. What if the weather is changing and winters are approaching. In the winter season, rain or snowfall is what the weather forecast is often highlighting. What will you do then? Would you like to stay at home and miss such a lovely change of climate that nature depicts all around? If you are doing so simply because your lovely dog,…

  • Pet Clothing

    Dog Coats and Jackets for Your Canine

    Dogs are one of the most preferred pets in the world that human beings own because of their emotional attachment and unconditional love for their owner. In return to this unconditional love, they need care, affection, time and attention. If you own a dog, it is your responsibility to take care of it and fulfill all its necessities. With growing age, the normal body heat of dogs reduces because of this they easily get prone to diseases such as arthritis. If your dog has health issues and low immunity, you will have to take preventive measures to protect it from the changing weather. Keep an eye on your friend, if…

  • Pet Clothing

    Quality sports jerseys for cats

    If you enjoy dressing up your cat, then you would definitely want to buy sports jerseys for cats to add to your cat’s apparel. As long as we enjoy supporting a certain club – rejoicing when they win and moody when they lose – our pets share in our mood. So, why don’t you get your cat sports jerseys for cats so she can celebrate with you? Choose from our authentic sports jerseys with full sleeve striping and collar decorations that come in different sizes for your pet. When buying sports jerseys for cats, consider the material you intend to buy and the quality of the jersey. For instance, the…

  • Pet Clothing

    Apparel for cats

    Pets are really cute when they are all dressed up and there is nothing cuter than a cat wearing a cloth. Assuredly, apparel for cats makes your cat look beautiful and also maintain the body temperature of your cat when the temperature drops. As a pet owner, it is your duty to ensure your pet stay warm and loved. Which is why you need to buy the right apparel for cats in order to cloth your pet properly. Without a doubt, your pet reflects your personality and the way you cloth your pet say a lot about who you are. Show off your fashionable side by clothing your pet with…

  • Pet Clothing

    Choosing the Right Dog Coats and Jackets

    Dog coats and jackets provide your furry with extra warmth and protection. Depending on the dog’s breed, climatic conditions and your lifestyle, many pet owners invest in jackets and coats to shield their furry from precipitation, snow, sleet and harsh wind. Coats and jackets with reflective properties are great for early and night walks as they provide visibility which is important for your dog’s safety. When choosing dog coats and jackets, it is important to consider the following factors; Size – Ensure that you measure the size of your dog before purchasing the jacket. This ensures that the jacket is not too small nor too big. Sleeves or Sleeveless –…