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  • Cat Toys

    The Best Way to Get Your Cat to Exercise

    A lot of people think that the only way to get their cats to exercise is to invest in an expensive piece of equipment or hire a professional service. However, there are plenty of ways that you can get your cat to move around without spending a lot of money. One such way is by using a laser pointer toy. How Laser Pointers Help Cats Exercise Laser pointers are one of the most popular cat toys on the market for a reason. They are relatively affordable, easy to use, and most importantly, they get results. When you use a laser pointer toy with your cat, you will be able to…

  • Cat Toys

    Why You Should Get a Laser Pointer Cat Toy

    Cats can go crazy chasing the menacing beam of a laser pointer. Laser pointer cat toys can excite cats and keep them entertained easily throughout the day. This can be specifically relieving when you’re coming home from a tiring day at work. Your furry little friend will always demand your attention, but ensuring that they stay active with an aching back can be a difficult task. That is where a laser pointer cat toy can help your cause. Using a laser pointer cat toy to keep your cat entertained is simple. All you have to do is that you have to point the laser beam at a surface, and your…

  • Cat Toys

    Mice Toys for Cats will Keep Your Cat Moving

    If you have ever seen a cat hunting out in the yard, you know that their instinct to find prey is still very much alive. Even the laziest house cat has dreams of hunting mice down the hallway. Cats love nothing more than to stalk and pounce on prey to use up their energy, stay fit and indulge their hunting impulses. In the great outdoors, that prey includes mice and other little critters, bugs, other cats and beyond. Inside the home is a different story though. Inside your house there aren’t any little creatures to chase and capture, so cats have to settle for what they can find. Indoor cats…

  • Cat Toys

    Interactive Cat Toys Can Keep Your Cats Active and Healthy

    Are your cats aggressive, loud, destructive, overweight, and just very lazy? Well, you’re not alone. Cats can sleep anywhere around 12 to 16 hours on a daily basis, and as cat parents, it is our responsibility to make sure they get the proper exercise. Don’t mistake their sleeping habits for them preferring some alone time. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) revealed in a study that 59.5% of cats are obese and if this keeps up, it can affect their overall health and lead to high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, respiratory or heart disease and diabetes. Yes, getting your cat to exercise may be a little tricky since they can’t…

  • Cat Toys

    Using Training Bells For Dogs

    People love their pets and will do just about anything with them. Some spend a great amount of time with their pets and even train them at home. We are in the middle of the winter time so most people are indoors more with their pets and they realize this is the best time of the year to train those pets. Since we are indoors more because of the cold and the snow, we have more opportunities and chances to spend time with the pets and making sure that they learn tricks and learn how to train with a bell. Bell training is a different and fun way to train…

  • Cat Toys

    Teaser Toys: A Great Way to Bond with Your Cat

    Cats are one of the most loved and adopted pets across the globe. These fur balls are smart, funny, playful, and have their own personality. This is good because if cats weren’t as playful as they are, they would just eat, sleep, gain weight, and become super unhealthy. Not a good legacy for a creature that was considered a deity in ancient Egypt. Their playfulness also allows you to spend more time with your pet doing what you both love. Cat toys are a great way to keep these quirky felines healthy and happy, while allowing you to positively interact with your beloved pet. There are different types of toys…

  • Cat Toys

    Benefits of Laser Pointer Cat Toy

    Cats are playful animals, and providing them with toys goes a long way to keeping them healthy as it forms part of physical exercise at the same time gives you peace of mind as you do household chores without disturbance. Laser pointers and cats are always fun. You enjoy watching your furry friend chase the colored dot forever. The animal usually has a blast and so does the human spectators. The reason why cats like lasers is because; typically they are hunters and they like hunting expedition. If you are a pet owner you cannot afford not to have a laser pointer cat toy as it comes with a bunch…

  • Cat Toys

    The best interactive cat toys

    Cats are active and thus require toys that help them build themselves. The best toys are interactive cat toys; they provide play in exciting ways that cats love. It will eliminate restlessness and crankiness in your feline, and provides something to occupy them as you work. In choosing interactive cat toys, there are several factors to consider. Cognitive development is one of the most outstanding benefits of interactive cat toys. Whatever toy you choose, let it upgrade your cat’s learning. These toys help in training cats. You can sharpen their hunting skills with mice toys. Others are balls, treat dispensers, circle tunnels, etc. The next most important criteria is size.…

  • Cat Toys

    Why does my cat drop mice toys for cats in the water bowl?

    You could own a cat that you have trained to play fetch, a game you both enjoy. Out of the blues, your cat ditches the game and begins acting funny. Instead of fetching his favorite mice toys for cats, he drops it in the water bowl. This kind of behavior can become worrisome because it is different from what you are used to. Some cat owners wonder if this is as a result of a mental condition. But, this is a behavior that can be exhibited by indoor cats. There is no clear explanation for this, but here are a few explanations that seem logical. When a cat loves his…

  • Cat Toys

    GPS tracker collars for dogs can save your dog’s life

    Annually, over a million dogs get impounded. Sadly, many of these dogs die in the process or go through inhumane treatments. With GPS tracker collars for dogs, you prevent the occurrence in the first place. It will help you locate your dog wherever it is, and identify it in the city pounds. You will get full coverage on where your dog is. Apart from runoffs dogs get into other dangerous situations that GPS tracker collars for dogs prove helpful. An example of such a situation that could put your dog’s life at risk is sickness or injury. Some dogs tend to shy away or sulk when they are sick or…