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Buying Guide – Pet Carrier for Small Dog

When we look for modes of transport for ourselves, we look for things like safety, comfort, durability, and costs. The same principles apply when you are buying a pet carrier for small dogs. However, the many options and features may leave you wondering which one to choose, which is why we have come up with our buying guide that will help you choose the right pet carrier for your small dog. The first thing you want to do is understand why you need a pet carrier. You may need a hard carrier for air, train, or car travel, or a sling or backpack carrier for everyday adventures. However, for small dogs, a soft-sided dog carrier is best for small dogs traveling anywhere.

Remember that size matters, just because your dog is small doesn’t mean they don’t need space. Of course, you will have to check that the weight and height specifications match your dog but, you also want it to be comfortable. A good rule of thumb when buying a pet carrier for small dog is to make sure it is tall enough for them to stand and large enough for them to fully turn around. You do not need anything larger than that. Next, you want to look at your dog’s personality and match it with the carrier. If your dog is an escape artist, a soft-sided carrier may not be the best idea because they can use their paws and teeth to open up the zippers and escape. You will need a hard-sided one to ensure safety and avoid escaping. Moreover, shy dogs like covered or lightly visible carriers with flaps or vents that keep them hidden, while social dogs like open carriers and large window vents for visibility.

Vents and mesh windows also help in hot weather where your small dog needs good ventilation and a carrier made of breathable materials. Lastly, you want to consider the entryway of a pet carrier for small dogs. Often, small dogs are afraid to go into carriers, which is why front door or top-loading pet carriers are the better options. Pet carriers with removable tops are even better because they allow your small dog to acclimate and adjust themselves to the carrier. You can put them in with the top removed so they get used to the carrier and cover it with the top portion when the time comes. This is great for training sensitive, small dogs. Following our buying guide, you should have no trouble choosing the best pet carrier for your small dog.