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  • Cat Toys

    Why does my cat drop mice toys for cats in the water bowl?

    You could own a cat that you have trained to play fetch, a game you both enjoy. Out of the blues, your cat ditches the game and begins acting funny. Instead of fetching his favorite mice toys for cats, he drops it in the water bowl. This kind of behavior can become worrisome because it is different from what you are used to. Some cat owners wonder if this is as a result of a mental condition. But, this is a behavior that can be exhibited by indoor cats. There is no clear explanation for this, but here are a few explanations that seem logical. When a cat loves his…

  • Cat Toys

    GPS tracker collars for dogs can save your dog’s life

    Annually, over a million dogs get impounded. Sadly, many of these dogs die in the process or go through inhumane treatments. With GPS tracker collars for dogs, you prevent the occurrence in the first place. It will help you locate your dog wherever it is, and identify it in the city pounds. You will get full coverage on where your dog is. Apart from runoffs dogs get into other dangerous situations that GPS tracker collars for dogs prove helpful. An example of such a situation that could put your dog’s life at risk is sickness or injury. Some dogs tend to shy away or sulk when they are sick or…

  • GPS Trackers

    The amazing benefits of automatic feeders for cats

    I must admit, taking care of a cat is tasking, especially when you consider a cat’s feeding. So I am so glad there are automatic feeders for cats. Their benefits are numerous and trust me, it eliminates stress in so many amazing ways. First, you will no longer carry around the guilt of feeding your cat late. Our busy lives and schedules make it really difficult to keep up with our felines meal time. What relief it brings to have a feeder that automatically feeds your cat at the right time. Whether you are home on time or not you have a guarantee that your cat won’t starve. Automatic feeders…

  • Cat Supplies

    Reasons why your dog need a washable large dog bed

    Sometimes we forget how special our dogs are and their need for comfort. We let them sleep on a cold hard floor instead of on a washable large dog bed. As a result, instead of waking up rejuvenated, they are cranky, lackadaisical and restless. They are special and deserve better. No matter their age or breed, your dog needs the coziness that a washable large dog bed provides. A washable large dog bed is a beautiful solution. It is easy to keep clean. It is large enough to accommodate your dog no matter his size. Your dog will be glad for the large space to stretch and roll. It is…

  • Dog Toys

    Do dogs need chew toys for dogs?

    Do dogs need chew toys for dogs? First, dogs love to chew. It’s their favorite thing, their friend. If you have several dogs or if you grew up around dogs, you will agree that chewing is normal. Every dog, especially puppies love to chew. They chew for different reasons and in different conditions. For puppies, chewing is their way of exploring the world with their mouths. In addition to discovering the world with their mouths, chewing helps puppies soothe their pain. Because their teeth are still growing, chewing helps soothe the pain. For young energetic dogs, chewing is an outlet for all the energy. This is why they attack your…

  • Pet Carriers & Strollers

    Cat care: cat travel purse

    Every day, new solutions emerge for taking care of pets and offering them the best experience. The cat travel purse is one of them. It is a whole new way of taking care of cats and making cat care convenient. Cat care gets really stressful especially when it’s time to travel. They brace, kick, scratch, struggle and even get loose. The cat travel purse is designed to offer more comfort for cats during a trip. They are way better than crates, towel-wrap and holding bags. Cat travel purse is designed with ease of use, comfort and safety in mind. Because cats have a fear of forced confinement, they will fight.…

  • GPS Trackers

    Why you should get your dog a waterproof dog GPS tracker

    Every year, about 1.2 million dogs enter shelters. Losing a dog is the biggest nightmare of every dog owner. It is frustrating and traumatic. With a waterproof dog GPS tracker, you wouldn’t have to go through this. A waterproof tracker is quite different from a microchip. Where a microchip serves the purpose of authentication, a GPS tracker helps you locate your dog in real time. Firstly, a waterproof dog GPS tracker is usually more sturdy and waterproof, thus, reducing risks. With it, there is no risk of damage when your dog gets in the rain or when it gets in the water. So if your dog runs off or gets…

  • Pet Supplies

    Affordable pet supplies for sale online

    If you own a pet, you definitely need to know where to buy the right pet supplies for sale online. Pet supplies help you take good care of your pet. They make raising your pet fun and interesting. At, we offer you affordable and friendly pet supplies online that will help you create the right space for your pet. Our pet supplies for sale online ranges from pet strollers, pet teasers, pet toys and accessories. For instance, our pet teaser toys keep your pet engaged when you are busy. Furthermore, teaser toys are healthy for pets as it keeps them healthy and wears them out so they can enjoy…

  • Pet Toys

    Interactive teaser cat toys

    Trust me, there is nothing more satisfying than spending time with your cat or watching your furry friends have fun. Teaser cat toys engage your cat by stimulating her brain. It entices cats to get enough exercise and greatly improves the hunting skills of your cat. There are different types of teaser cat toys and they are a great choice, especially when your cat doesn’t have access to the outside world. These toys are interactive and keep your cat active and alert. Furthermore, as the name suggests these toys tease your cat to hunt them or play with them; as the case may be. Interestingly, teaser cat toys offer you…

  • Dog Toys

    Training bells for dogs at home

    We understand you have a best friend that keeps you company all day round. He jumps on you, plays with you and cuddle on your bed at the end of the day. Typically, both of you spend most of your day together but, you want him to take on more responsibility. Before you can rely on your dog to prevent housebreaking, you have to train him using training bells for dogs. Ringing your house bell is not rocket science and any dog can learn to do that once you are willing to train him. Assuredly, to ensure you train your dog right, you need to choose the right bell for…