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  • Cat Toys

    Mice Toys for Cats will Keep Your Cat Moving

    If you have ever seen a cat hunting out in the yard, you know that their instinct to find prey is still very much alive. Even the laziest house cat has dreams of hunting mice down the hallway. Cats love nothing more than to stalk and pounce on prey to use up their energy, stay fit and indulge their hunting impulses. In the great outdoors, that prey includes mice and other little critters, bugs, other cats and beyond. Inside the home is a different story though. Inside your house there aren’t any little creatures to chase and capture, so cats have to settle for what they can find. Indoor cats…

  • Cat Toys

    Interactive Cat Toys Can Keep Your Cats Active and Healthy

    Are your cats aggressive, loud, destructive, overweight, and just very lazy? Well, you’re not alone. Cats can sleep anywhere around 12 to 16 hours on a daily basis, and as cat parents, it is our responsibility to make sure they get the proper exercise. Don’t mistake their sleeping habits for them preferring some alone time. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) revealed in a study that 59.5% of cats are obese and if this keeps up, it can affect their overall health and lead to high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, respiratory or heart disease and diabetes. Yes, getting your cat to exercise may be a little tricky since they can’t…

  • GPS Trackers

    Benefits of Having a GPS Tracker on Your Dog

    As convenient as walking your dog around without a leash sounds, it still comes with a certain amount of risk. You have to make sure that your dog doesn’t run away at the smell or sound of the nearest attraction. Dogs happen to wander away when they are let off a leash, which is why you have to be careful when walking them without a leash. Pet owners realize that their dog is more than just a pet to them. The dog is a furry part of the clan, and they are attached to their existence. Hence, losing them in your local park can be a traumatizing experience for you.…

  • GPS Trackers

    Finding New GPS Tracker Collars For Dogs

    Oh how people love their animals and their pets. They want to make sure that they are cared for and make sure that they can be found and identified in case they escape or manage to flee from our homes or yards. That’s why having a GPS tracker collar for dogs is such a good investment. You can make sure that you can find your dog if you happen to become removed from them. With GPS, you will always be able to find them when they are missing. This must be a great relief to people that have lost pets or had pets runaway or even be stolen. You can…

  • Cat Toys

    Using Training Bells For Dogs

    People love their pets and will do just about anything with them. Some spend a great amount of time with their pets and even train them at home. We are in the middle of the winter time so most people are indoors more with their pets and they realize this is the best time of the year to train those pets. Since we are indoors more because of the cold and the snow, we have more opportunities and chances to spend time with the pets and making sure that they learn tricks and learn how to train with a bell. Bell training is a different and fun way to train…

  • Cat Feeding & Watering Supplies

    Treat Your Felines to Slow-Feeding Bowls for Cats

    Owning a cat is an incredible experience. Cats are the perfect combination of intelligent, adorable, aloof and affectionate, making them the ideal pet for many people throughout the country. Many cats are self-sufficient throughout the day, meaning they need very little attention while you are working, but are also pleased to see you when you get home. Training a cat to use the litter box means you don’t need to take them out into the yard or out on a long walk, and many cats are more than willing to play by themselves if you don’t have the time or energy. In fact, it can be impossible coax a cat…

  • Pet Supplies

    The Benefits of Shopping for Pet Supplies for Sale Online

    There are many different reasons why we take pets into our homes and into our hearts. Many of us are looking for companionship in life; it feels amazing to have someone waiting for us when we get home, excited to see us arrive. Some of us know that having a dog or cat in the home can help us to manage our daily stress. After all, there, are well-documented studies that show that being able to pet a cuddly animal lowers all of those negative stress hormones that are a negative side-effect of our busy, hectic modern lifestyle. Maybe you decided to adopt a new pet because you have fond…

  • Cat Toys

    Teaser Toys: A Great Way to Bond with Your Cat

    Cats are one of the most loved and adopted pets across the globe. These fur balls are smart, funny, playful, and have their own personality. This is good because if cats weren’t as playful as they are, they would just eat, sleep, gain weight, and become super unhealthy. Not a good legacy for a creature that was considered a deity in ancient Egypt. Their playfulness also allows you to spend more time with your pet doing what you both love. Cat toys are a great way to keep these quirky felines healthy and happy, while allowing you to positively interact with your beloved pet. There are different types of toys…

  • Dog Beds

    Importance of Cooling Mats for Dogs

    The summer is in full swing, and unless you live on the other side of the world, you must be looking for ways to beat the heat. We change our diets, wardrobes, routines, based on the season. So why don’t we care the same way when it comes to our dogs? You may not notice, but sometimes the reason your dog acts strangely is because of a very minute detail you may be missing. Perhaps they do not like the air freshener or the treats you get them. Maybe they do not like their bed. They could feel uncomfortably hot, especially during the summer; sleeping on woolen mats. But the…

  • Dog Beds

    Dog Beds and Mats; Bringing Comfort to your Pet!

    For a pet-owner, there is nothing more important than their domestic companion. Whether you adopted a dog or took one from a friend, your dog may mean the world to you and you would want to do anything for it. Well, what if you were told you could make naps and bedtime much more enjoyable for your dog with one simple thing? No, it’s not a pill or another toy but dog beds and mats are what will make sure that your dog gets plenty of well-deserved rest and is ready for the next day. These beds come in a number of sizes. So, whether your dog is a small…