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  • Pet Clothing

    Choosing the Right Dog Coats and Jackets

    Dog coats and jackets provide your furry with extra warmth and protection. Depending on the dog’s breed, climatic conditions and your lifestyle, many pet owners invest in jackets and coats to shield their furry from precipitation, snow, sleet and harsh wind. Coats and jackets with reflective properties are great for early and night walks as they provide visibility which is important for your dog’s safety. When choosing dog coats and jackets, it is important to consider the following factors; Size – Ensure that you measure the size of your dog before purchasing the jacket. This ensures that the jacket is not too small nor too big. Sleeves or Sleeveless –…

  • Pet Carriers & Strollers

    Affordable Pet Strollers for Sale

    Far from just being another way of “spoiling” your pet, a dog stroller is a perfect means of transport that can keep your beloved companion safe and happy. Dog strollers are gaining popularity due to their amazing benefits. Possibly you’ve spotted somebody in the park pushing what appeared a baby stroller, only to find that it was a dog or a cat riding on it, and perhaps you thought that the person is an over-zealous pet lover, pampering his favorite feline. Of course, there are people who like spoiling their pets. However, there are is much more to acquiring a pet stroller than meets the eyes. We have a huge…

  • Baby Products

    Super Cute Waterproof Dog Coats for Winter Available Online

    When winter strikes, just like human beings dogs feel chilly and cold especially those with light fur. This can limit your outdoor activities with your furry friends for the fear of getting wet and messy. However, there is always a solution to every problem. Waterproof dog coats for winter comes in handy to keep your pet warm and dry during rainy walks. If you are wondering where to find waterproof dog coats for winter, worry not as we have a variety in our online pet stores. The coats come in different designs, sizes, and color. For instance, we have 8 patterns camo winter dog jacket, pet dog vest jacket, warm…

  • Dog Leashes

    Benefits of Using led safety collars for dogs

    Taking your pooch out at night can be a fun and an exciting experience, but, it does pose a lot of risk and challenges for you and your pet. Led safety collars for dogs are one of the solutions to such problems as it reduces the risk of serious injuries and death by making it easier for motorist and drivers to spot you and your dog. Led safety collars for dogs come with numerous benefits which include but not limited to; Visibility at Night – With the collar, you don’t have to worry about losing track of your dog. The only thing you need to do is put the led…

  • Dog Leashes

    Factors to Consider when Buying Dog Collars and Leashes

    If you are a new pet owner, it might be very challenging when it comes to choosing dog collars and leashes. This is because there are so many options, brands, material and designs out there in pet stores. But worry not as we are here to guide you on what to look for in a good dog collar and leash. For you to land into the best dog collars and leashes, you need to consider the following; Design/ Style – The choice of style is guided by the use. Whether it’ll be used for everyday identification, training or walking? Material – Consider a durable material that is non-reactive to the…

  • Cat Supplies

    Affordable non toxic pet bowls

    Pets are just like human beings when it comes to dinnertime. They also like eating in clean and nice dishes. For this reason, non toxic pet bowls is a must-have for pet owners. Investing in the right pet bows comes with many benefits such as; reduced food wastage, prevention of food contamination, reduced food spillages etc. If you are wondering where to find these non toxic pet bowls, search no more as we have a variety available in our pet stores such as; anti-choking slow feeding bows, automatic feeders plastic dog water bottles, stainless steel color spray paint pet dog bowls, travel feeding feeder water bowl, dog cat bowl, folding…

  • Dog Leashes

    Harness and Leash Sets for Dogs Available Online

    As a dog owner, your primary responsibility is to ensure that your dog gets enough exercise. The most challenging question that the majority of dog owners usually have is, whether to use collar or harness. A collar works perfectly well, but cannot compare to harness. If you’ve been struggling in restraining your dog, then, you are in the right place as we have harness and leash sets for dogs in our online stores that you can make use of. A dog harness is surely a better way to restrain your pet as it offers the owner more control especially with the aggressive dogs or when on routes with exciting stimuli…

  • Dog Leashes

    Why Invest in Retractable Dog Leashes

    Retractable dog leashes are convenient tools for your pup as they allow exploration of the surrounding while you are still in control. So, if you love taking a walk early in the morning or late in the evening, you’ll find a retractable leash useful. Most of them come with a reflective cord to increase visibility in the dark or in areas with poor visibility Retractable dog leashes come with a unique mechanism that allows your mutt to run wild and when it reaches a safe distance, you simply apply the brakes to lock it into that particular position. It also comes with a recoil feature that is not available in…