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  • Puppies

    Waterproof Hammock Seat Cover for Sale

    Your pet is your best friend and you cannot just afford to leave it behind when you are going out for an adventure just because it will mess inside your car. If that is what you’ve feared all along, then we have a solution for you. Yes! With our waterproof hammock seat cover, all your problems will be sorted out. When we talk about waterproof covers that is exactly what we mean. The cover will prevent leakages to the car seat and you can rest assured that your car seats will remain clean and dry even with our best friend sleeping at the back seat. The cover will also prevent…

  • Puppies

    Why Use Quick Release Collars for Dogs

    All collars are not created equally, there are that are made of cheap, plastic buckles that break so easily and everyone would want to avoid this. Since many dog owners prefer buckle collars for their dogs this is the reason as to why we are here to offer you a solution so that you can avoid the poor quality collars. Right here in our online stores, we have quick release collars for dogs. Our collars are made with a quick release side buckle designed for durability, safety, and convenience. It is designed to handle high impact and remain secure and therefore you don’t have to worry if your dog is…

  • Kittens

    Basic Kitten Supplies and Accessories

    Are you a cat owner or you are about to bring one to your home? There are some basic kitten supplies and accessories that you should have at hand to ensure your feline is healthy, comfortable and content from the start. Bringing a cat or kitten into your life immediately changes the dynamic of your home. Cats are a bundle of joy just like a child and they give you company. A properly cared for cat can live for up to 12 years or longer. However, this cannot be achieved in absence of proper kitten supplies and accessories such as healthy food, comfortable places to sleep, necessary medication, grooming tools,…

  • Puppies

    Portable Folding Pet Tent on Sale

    Pet tent is a favorite for those with small to medium sized dogs, cats, and multi-pet families. The pet tent offers a spacious well-ventilated place for safe shelter, birthing, and travel. It is also an excellent choice for shelter when planning for a vacation since it is foldable making it easy to park since it won’t take so much space. Are you planning for a vacation and you want to take your pet along? Portable folding pet tent is something you should not leave behind.It will give your pet so much comfort during the vacation. It will be like its little home a place to identify with. You can find…

  • Puppies

    Sun Hats for Small Dogs on Sale

    Small dogs are so adorable and are kept as pets. They are friendly with children and hence they can live in the apartments. Besides being pets they guard our homes. During summer the sun is usually very hot. To protect your small dog from so much heat from the sun you should consider buying it a hat so that it can walk comfortably in the sun. Small dogs love being taken out for a walk, but during summer people are scared of taking their dogs for a walk for the fear of the hot sun. Fear no more, we got you and your small dog some hat for summer. Browse…

  • Baby Products

    Where to Find Accessories for Newborns

    Newborn babies are small and fragile hence should be taken care of with a lot of seriousness. Therefore, it is important to carefully think of the best accessories for newborns. You should pick the accessories that will keep the baby healthy, safe, and comfortable. Are you a mum looking for newborn accessories? First, congratulation on your newborn! And here is where to find the best accessories for your baby. In our online store, we have an array of accessories for newborns. Just to mention a few we have baby headbands and bows which are very soft and don’t leave a mark on baby’s head, baby’s socks, bibs, receiving blankets, baby…

  • Baby Products

    Colorful music toy on sale

    Colorful musical toys are useful because they help your baby discover colors and textures while making merry music. Music can play an important role in developing and enhancing the emotional well being of babies and toddlers. When they listen to music they feel calmer and they become more attuned with their feelings. They also release pent-up energies and feel good about themselves. Are you looking for a toy which will keep your baby busy and happy all day? In our online stores, we have colorful music toy which will help your baby discover and play with sound, with bright colors, fun textures, and eight notes. This music toy can be…

  • Baby Products

    Baby Rattles and Squeeze Toys for Sale

    We say that the baby’s head is a tabula rasa (empty head) as they are born without built-in mental content and therefore all the knowledge comes from experience or perception. A massive amount of psychological development happens during early childhood or before the age of eight. Playing with toys is, therefore, the first opportunity your child has to explore and interact with the world on their own terms. If you had not thought of this, worry not as we have baby rattles and squeeze toys available in our online stores. Besides the fun part of it, baby rattles help to develop your baby’s fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, promotes social…